Artist to Watch: Karina Noel

I met Karina my freshman year of college in our rhetoric class at Boston University where we both realized we shared the same purpose more or less— to spread music to the world. A bit bitter (sorry), Karina took her talents to NYU where she is now majoring in Music Business and well, is killing the game. While I lack the talent this amazing up … Continue reading Artist to Watch: Karina Noel

RHCP—Comeback or Continued Awesomeness?

I remember seeing RCHP back in 2012— I was seventeen and could barely contain myself. I was finally going to see my boys Anthony and Flea live. You can imagine just how excited I was to hear that they were releasing a new album four years later. The Getaway, the band’s 11th studio album, coming out on June 17th, will feature already released pop-funk “Dark Necessities”.   So … Continue reading RHCP—Comeback or Continued Awesomeness?

The Strokes are BACK and ON FIRE

It’s been a rough three years without any new music from The Strokes until Thursday morning, May 26th where they dropped one of their new songs “OBLIVIUS” and a few hours later released “Drag Queen”shortly after. Can we get an AMEN? LITERALLY, I couldn’t breathe. Well, maybe thats a bit too much but I couldn’t be more excited for their  new EP Future Present Past to come … Continue reading The Strokes are BACK and ON FIRE

Long Live My Trio: Blink 182

Did they ever really leave? Did they ever not make your throwback playlist or shower jams? NO. SO…. What do you think? I’ll tell you what I think— this is PHENOMENAL. Feeling a lot of +44 influences, obviously since the band is now mainly Mark and Travis. I literally was so happy, kind of like this: My reaction while listening to this song was something like … Continue reading Long Live My Trio: Blink 182

Crying Purple Tears

2016—Stop Taking Our Prized Musicians! SERIOUSLY! First Bowie, now Prince?!?! Please stop before you make this year even more tragic! But really, my heart breaks with Prince’s departure but the music world continues to congregate and celebrate his life. Here are some music covers and stories of just how wonderful Prince was. Lady Gaga is Gaga for Prince Isn’t it amazing Prince shared his soul … Continue reading Crying Purple Tears

Celebrating THE Grunge Icon

Today, 22 years ago, a legend left our world—Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. No, I don’t mean the Nirvana t-shirt you bought at Forever21, I’m talking about the band that single handedly changed music forever. This is a great deal because of the man in which this post is written in honor of. The late lead vocalist, guitarist, and lyrical genius of the band Nirvana, said it … Continue reading Celebrating THE Grunge Icon