Snit Happens Sounds Awfully Similar To…

Sh!t. No its not a mistake, and no the irony is not lost. My name is Hannah Snitcovski and growing up, people loved to poke fun at my last name. Eventually people got tired or maybe grew up and eventually I became known as Snit. Originally from Brazil, having grown up in Rio de Janeiro, New York and Miami and spent my college years in Boston. I’m currently a twenty-two- year- old in Miami. This blog is how I see the world and the truth is that sh!t does happen in life; but sometimes, it can be amazing. Snit Happens Me

Music has a power that my favorite bassist, Mark Hoppus of Blink 182, claims, “can induce goose bumps, draw a tear, inspire, and connect [which both of us agree becomes our] favorite parts of being a human”.  As cliche as it sounds, music is everything to me. I firmly believe that music can change, move, and shape lives, so much so, this blog is dedicated to it. While mainly music based, you’ll find that I’m quite the thought thinker and have strong opinions on a variety of subjects so anything and everything is fair game.

Want to influence what I write about? Feel free to contact me at

Thanks for tuning in and taking the time to read this. Don’t forget to stay weird.




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