Artist To Watch: Josephine


From one weirdo to another, it is an honor to write about my former Israel roommate, the one, the only, Josephine. This Persian singer/songwriter evokes a dark pop and R&B vibe with a whole lot of soul. After living with this talent for two months last summer, I can personally attest to the energy and spirit that ignites within her the minute a beat starts playing; there is no way you won’t feel all the feels when you listen to her sing. Bringing inclusion to all from lessons of her past, her motto of staying weird inspires all to follow their hearts, passions, and ultimately the ability to be true to oneself despite all odds.

Her single “Delusional,” the first off her EP Love Trap: The Story, produced by Paul Water exemplifies the mystique behind her dark and luring voice that captures the essence of her lyrics. The rawness of “Delusional” sets the tone for the rest of the EP alluding to how one would contemplate and self-reflect after a breakup. Josephine’s in-your-face vocals along with the delicate vibe she poses creates a dream like a state where one is indeed replaying moments of the past. Just as a breakup can be hazy, so too does the theme surrounding this track.

Love Trap: The Story is the non-linear four-part puzzle that connects and creates the parallels of love, drugs, and success. With “Delusional” as its first chapter, the continuation of this narrative will be released for download and streaming everywhere and as a visual concept album one chapter at a time each Friday of July. With already outstanding recognition on Spotify, receiving over 10,000 plays in just two days, be sure to chart and follow the tales of Love Trap: The Story and as always, stay weird. 

Listen to “Delusional” Below:


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