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Ever wonder where Snit Happens got its logo? What the story is behind the artwork, who made it? Well, luckily, I have the honor of sharing that answer with you. Meet my talented- guru of a friend, Samantha Cohen!

Sam started her blog, Art Food Adventure, her junior year of college while abroad in London. Two years have passed, and her blog continues to flourish as a holistic hotspot that truly fits its name.


Sam covers everything from restaurants in Boston (where she currently lives) to easy recipes, travel ideas (in the city or quaint places far from it), to activities in the arts around Boston and even book reviews. Art Food Adventure is the place where you can connect with someone else’s passion found in her world where perhaps, you may just encounter a bit of your own.

Without Sam and her blog, Snit Happens probably would not have happened. The idea to channel my passion for music was always a dream, but the means of doing so seemed to be the one thing holding me back. I was unsure how even to connect to music without being a performer myself. I toiled with this idea for years until I come across Sam’s Rule Book, the idea that framed her initiative from the start. The Rule Book simply starts off encouraging one to “do something every day that excites you”.

“My rule is simple: take a moment from your crazy schedule to do something out of your ordinary. A new sandwich place, a bookstore 20 minutes away, and even a nice stroll in the park. Simply explore. Life goes by fairly quickly, so why not cherish it by accomplishing just a little something every day.”

Sam’s words triggered something within me, the wanting of my thoughts and opinions about music and art to be heard. I have strived to live by the idea of being passionately unique to oneself and gravitate to those who do as well. I became inspired by an individual who did just that.

After sharing my story with Sam, and a conversation with my dear friend Isa on my couch in Boston, the logo for my blog came to be.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.13.26 PM
First Cut of Snit Happens’ Log

Remember when you were a little kid and weren’t sure of something? “Is Mom going to get me those light up sketchers I’ve been wanting?” or maybe “Does ___ like me back?” You would pull out your handy dandy Magic Eight Ball that always knew what was up, and you would have your answer.
giphy (2)

But in reality, in life, things happen, and there is no clear cut answer. You can keep shaking that toy in your hands until you find your answer, or you can go out there and do something to improve your reality. Snit Happens is my way of dealing with all the uncontrollable instances of life, but finding the beauty and meaning in all of them through things that elevate one’s everyday experience.

IG: @cohensam TW: @ArtFoodAdvent 

So next time you look Snit Happens, and it’s logo, you will no longer just see two hands holding a Magic Eight Ball, but you will see the lens I have chosen to take in my life, along with the beautiful person behind the story of my blog.

Be sure to check out Art Food Adventure on Facebook for the latest happenings on the blog as well as in Boston and maybe, just perhaps, unlock a piece of yourself you haven’t before.


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