Artist to Watch: Ginzy

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some incredible characters in my life so far with Joey Ginzburg , better known as Ginzy, being one of them.  I met this beats master on a March of The Living trip back in 2013 that single handily changed and jump started my entire existence. Needless to say, I share an innately unique connection to this creative mind, but admire his passion and music to the highest degree.
Back in high school, Ginzburg’s group of friends were always sharing, looking, and ultimately finding underground music to blast in their cars or during house parties. Sounds like a Miami experience to me. After collecting a large variety of songs, it was time to share them with the world which brought Ginzy to dj-ing small events like these house parties. Graduating into the big leagues, quite literally, Ginzburg started making his music and playing it live for people to enjoy in college.
Some of Ginzburg’s influences include producer Mr.Carmack , Flying Lotus, Griz, J-Dilla, and one day hopefully linking up with Dillion Francis and “collab on a track of even a snapchat video or two”. You heard it hear first  folks, remember that.  When asked how he comes up with his tracks, he explained that his process changes depending on the project:
“If it is Hip-Hop: I will go to the record store in Gainesville and just buy like six or seven cheap records. Their genres could be jazz, electronic, blues, doesn’t matter. I then go home, and as I clean my room, I will listen to the records until I find some samples to chop up and add a beat to. For my other projects,I guess it starts off with a me creating a complex loop or chord progression and then just building on top of that. Once I like where the project is going,I might look for random acapella’s or sound bytes and start tinkering with them to fit the song.”
 Ginzy has a way of creating an intricate story through his music, infusing different sounds that when placed together, make you wonder why you haven’t heard something as beautifully compiled before.
 Ginzburg’s style is not having a definitive one at all. He enjoys using natural sounds like a car passing by, the crackling of leaves under your feet, or even noise of a dropping fork, to build his tracks from the ground up.
When asked what music means to him, he expressed that simply, music just makes his day and acts as a universal language. “I enjoy creating just because the process is so thrilling and exciting once you hit that state of ‘Flow’ and create something out of nothing.”
So where does the future look like for Ginzy? Who’s to say, but with the passion and dedication this under-ground, up and coming artist has, you better write down his mantra:
“You just need to commit yourself and know that you aren’t going to sound like Skrillex straight from the start.

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