All Hail The Photoshop Kaween

Look ma, I’m famous! No really, when you work with this gem of a human, you feel as though you are the muse that brought about the Mona Lisa.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 11.13.24 AM.png

Meet the cutie who is taking up my entire newsfeed with her amazing eye for design and talent— Kirsten Cabrera! (bae, bae bae) Kirsten is literally my go to when I want my ~aesthetic~ to become a work of art.

This beauty was made after the Sarona Market Attack in Tel Aviv, Israel. Thank you for helping me stand with Israel Kristen!

When asked why photoshop, Cabrera says that she started exploring the software as a computer science major as a way to improve her resume. What started as a resume booster, ended up being a hobby, a means of relaxation, and something everyone and their mother loves to have made!

Some of her favorite artists include Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt, Roy Lichtenstein, Henri Matisse & Keith Haring which only makes me love this girl even more. While these artists inspire this talent, 90’s nickelodeon cartoons, city culture (including the people and the city itself) help bring Kristen’s art to life. Fusing aspects of indie minimalism as well as honing in on the known tom-boy aesthetic, you’ll find our photoshop guru in sneakers and fashioning black and white while reading Dazed magazine. (Can you tell she’s one of my girl crushes yet?)

Wonder how the magic happens? It usually depends on the person and what Kristen is trying to make for them. If it’s just for another person via Instagram, she usually goes through their online account choosing her favorite images and going from there. This usually takes an hour or so to make. Excited? Yeah, I figured you would be. Make sure to get in touch with Kristen and spread her talent and her interpretation of your world!







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