Artist to Watch: Karina Noel

I met Karina my freshman year of college in our rhetoric class at Boston University where we both realized we shared the same purpose more or less— to spread music to the world. A bit bitter (sorry), Karina took her talents to NYU where she is now majoring in Music Business and well, is killing the game. While I lack the talent this amazing up and coming artist possesses, we both knew that this would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and future partnership!

Karina not only has an angelic voice, but her production as well as her crisp and distinguished melodies make her stand out in one’s mind. I find myself listening to “Blue Collar Love” her newest debuted EP, as I write this piece and I find myself singing along instantly. There’s an intense passion, a whimsical sense of hope, instilled in this album, that I truly know will touch anyone that listens in the most unique and personal way.

Check out Karina’s page to learn more about her, her music, her story, and how you can become a dedicated fan as I have.  Wishing her the most success on this journey and almost positive it won’t take long to see her name on everyone’s recently played lists.

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