RHCP—Comeback or Continued Awesomeness?

I remember seeing RCHP back in 2012— I was seventeen and could barely contain myself. I was finally going to see my boys Anthony and Flea live.

You can imagine just how excited I was to hear that they were releasing a new album four years later. The Getaway, the band’s 11th studio album, coming out on June 17th, will feature already released pop-funk “Dark Necessities”.   So what’s my immediate reaction to the track one may ask? Something similar to the love-eyed emoji would suffice my immediate reaction. Also, anyone LOVE how Anthony’s voice HAS NOT aged one bit? Incredible. Truly, I don’t know how, but it’s as if we’re all experiencing a prime 90’s RHCP. Score!giphy.gif

Just when I thought one sneak peak at the album was enough, my boys released “The Getaway”, their album title song. -SHRIEK-. Could I update my relationship status to obsessed with RHCP all over again? There’s an atmospheric funk to the song which not only satisfies one’s hearing, but excites them for what’s to come!

So maybe this won’t be another By The Way, but it can’t be. The band has grown and honestly, is strong for a comeback.

Look’s like 2016 is the comeback year for some of my favorite artists! What a good year it appears to be.




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