The Strokes are BACK and ON FIRE

It’s been a rough three years without any new music from The Strokes until Thursday morning, May 26th where they dropped one of their new songs “OBLIVIUS” and a few hours later released “Drag Queen”shortly after. Can we get an AMEN? LITERALLY, I couldn’t breathe. Well, maybe thats a bit too much but I couldn’t be more excited for their  new EP Future Present Past to come out June 3rd! And guess what… it’s available on Spotify through Cult Records, Julian Casablancas’ label. What a day to be alive, am I right?

As if this release wasn’t enough to get you going, many artists are showing their love for the band and their music. Alex Turner, front man of The Arctic Monkeys (ugh as if he needs an introduction), recalls just how much The Strokes influenced him.

” They were the band that encouraged me to rip the knees of my jeans and write on them in marker pen. I wrote on them in red ink, ‘I’ve got soul and I’m superbad!”

Read more at NME  

Post to follow once the full EP is released. Until then, if you need me, I’ll most likely have my headphones in jamming to these boys!








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