Marci de la Rose

This post really hits home for me. I met Rosie on my March of The Living trip back in 2013 and she has been forever apart of my story. I am so pleased to write this about her endeavors, her success, and most of all her eclectic style. 

Why fashion? As a twin and growing up in a Orthodox Jewish home, being a fashion blogger means being able to express herself. When she was able to start dressing herself ,no longer matching her twin, fashion became her outlet.

When asking Rosie what her style was like, she explained that its something that is constantly changing.

“I’m not sure how to really define my style. Its always evolving. It’s definitely comfortable, girly but with an edgy twist. “

But, she has a couple of staple pieces that are TO DIE FOR! You will almost always find her in a leather or denim jacket, a belt, and sunglasses. (click the pics and follow her on insta!)


She gains her inspiration from traveling, street style, Instagram, and discovering new places or things that inspire her. Some of her favorite bloggers/stylists that influence her are definitely @sincerlyjules and @oliviapalermo .

After starting fashion school and having to create her own store for a class  where she  created a boutique called Marci de la Rose where the aesthetic was light an airy, and filled with simplistic unique styles from known and unknown artist. The main focus being leather jackets and lingerie and bring new artist to the table.  After taking this project rather seriously, she started her blog and website which have been both on fire.

“I want to show people that there’s more to do than sit at home and watch Netflix ( even though Netflix is life) but going down your street, stepping out of your comfort zone can really open up your eyes.”

Rosie and her brand show people that fashion is not just articles of clothing but something you can have fun with and not take so seriously! Couldn’t agree more with you Rosie— love what you see? Of course you do, make sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her website to stay up to date with her trends!



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