Long Live My Trio: Blink 182

Did they ever really leave? Did they ever not make your throwback playlist or shower jams? NO. SO…. What do you think?

I’ll tell you what I think— this is PHENOMENAL. Feeling a lot of +44 influences, obviously since the band is now mainly Mark and Travis. I literally was so happy, kind of like this:


My reaction while listening to this song was something like this:


UGH YES MARK YOU KEEP HARMONIZING. But really, here is a true analysis from what I would consider myself as a true fan. This song, has vast heartfelt chorus infused with a myriad of guitars. Talk about melt-worthy.

Mark, Travis, and Matt Skiba (who is taking place of Tom DeLonge until further notice) will be release Blink 182’s seventh album California July 1st.  In addition, my middle school angsty  childhood dream is coming true and Blink 182 will be on a summer tour with A Day to Remember, All Time Low ( who started as a Blink 182 cover band gawww) and The All American Rejects.

So to any haters out there who think the time of Blink 182 has ended, here’s my personal FU to your notion.


Read a cool post on the release of “Bored to Death” 


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