Artist To Watch: Salo

Now as a fellow Latin, this artist hits home for me. A Miami native to Colombian parents,  Salomon Beda embodies a nuance in the Latin music scene. Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here to say this, but if I were to keep my thoughts to myself, this blog wouldn’t exist. This here, this music, is my soul food. Now I know you fellow readers out there (please follow if there are any) must be thinking ‘how can Snit go from saying Blink 182 is her favorite band to Salomon Beda25587c71-21e4-4324-beb3-aebaa018bd5b being her soul music’ but there is a theory to my madness.

You see, Salo’s music embodies the essence of me— it is ebbs and flows naturally, whether it be in English, Spanish, or even Hebrew. It does not matter which language it is in but rather how the music wants to speak out.  Salo is a born natural, and please remove all the cliches you may have associated with that statement now because this guy genuinely is something different. Stemming from tropical and reggae influences, the style that reaches one’s ears can be a mezcla (mixture) of all sorts of genres.

Take for instance one of my favorites from his album, “Te Tiro Mandarinas.” Arroz Con Coco instantly captivates your mind with its melody and soon its lyrics have taken over and there you have it folks, you’re hooked. If you haven’t listened for yourself, I suggest you do. The song is effortless as is listening to rain— you will end up loving it, scout’s honor. Now for the cynics in the crowd, there goes me hoping I’ve even developed a crowd, I get it. You may not speak Spanish, it happens, you weren’t born lucky. There is still hope— Salo’s music also features Hebrew and English. You see, culture is a beautiful thing that lends itself a myriad of avenues to explore itself on, including music.

Salo explains that a person can feel his music without understanding the lyrics. Language can be used as a powerful skill and Salomon Beda uses his knowledge of them to navigate our minds through his music. So keep your eyes open for whats ahead for Salo and if you happen to be traveling outside the realms of your mind, you may catch one of his shows!

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