Why I Rather Go To Shows Alone

By no means would I ever call myself an introvert; I very much thrive in social settings and feed off other people’s energy. But when it comes to music, I rather keep to myself and really develop a connection with the artist. Now, here is my disclaimer for future  blog posts— I may or may not be a tad bit dramatic. Maybe it was the fact that I was raised on telenovelas and have a latin mother but, I often feel things a bit more intensely than the average person. Rather than belittle that reality, I embrace it, especially with music.

Music has always been a special and personal outlet for me. Whether it was through hardships, or celebrations, I loved hearing live music. My first memory of live music was my father playing around with a guitar while Cat Stevens was playing in the background. Needless to say, there is no such thing as silence in my life.

Going to concerts on my own is a personal and quite therapeutic experience. Going to shows now-a-days is a means to get a like-worthy instagram or perhaps to fit an image. The art of listening to live, authentic, imperfect music has been lost. I find that when I’m alone, I’m less tempted to start snap-storying the concert or trying to take pictures. Instead, I’m really listening with my full attention. Of course, I’ll casually take a few pics to later stare at in awe but being in the moment is something I value and often times dismiss in attempts to entertain those that are around me. We forget that music is made to make us feel and think and push limits. Don’t limit yourself by the people you go to shows with, expand your horizons and venture out on your own.


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