Once Upon A Festival…

I volunteered with HeadCount at Gathering of The Vibes this past summer while interning for them in their Chelsea office. “Are any of you down to join the Gathering of the Vibes festival team last minute?” James, my supervisor at HeadCount, asked the interns in the office on a warm Wednesday morning. James, originally from the Bay Area, went to New York University and was the lucky summer intern that never got away. Hired straight out of college, this now Brooklyn based, Mac Demarco obsessed, outreach director offered me a ticket to a weekend music festival that would change my life.

I was living the life, interning at a music non-profit in Manhattan, hustling a commute to and from Brooklyn with no complaints— my rooftop view was bae and so was the bagel place across the street (shout out to Bergen Bagels mmm).

11903904_10153627425229468_4175663877767646530_nI conquered the streets of New York comfortably as well as leisurely as I took my time walking the streets to work. What a contrast it was to not fall into the craze of the city. Time is money to a New Yorker, and that rational emulates within their being and actions. Everyone is so easily stressed, pushing and shoving in out and out of subway carts— you sometimes forget the cars you’re walking in front during a green light have people inside them, just like you.

Three weeks into my month and a half long internship, the opportunity to leave the restlessness of the city presented itself. I launched at it and couldn’t be more thrilled. I looked over at my co-worker Silvana, who smiled and asked me if I even knew how to pitch a tent. I laughed at her appropriate question as I am not one to enjoy the outdoors but grasped onto this new adventure and obviously searched “how to survive camping” on Google.

I always grew up saying I would effect the music industry in some way. What I didn’t know then was that before any of that could happen, I would have to let it create me. Vibes was truly an amazing experience— I got to meet Susan and Dereck from Tedeschi Trucks Band and vibe with amazing co-workers and volunteers. But, I truly can’t forget the highlight of this experience; missing Wilco due to heat exhaustion and dehydration and paying a lovely visit to Bridgeport Hospital for a little iv one on one. But hey, it was totally worth it.

11216579_10153573898124468_2370789263068113092_nFor more information about HeadCount and how to get involved, keep an eye eight for my follow up post about the non-profit organization that opened my mind and heart to a whole new way of working with music. 


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