Your Favorite Band is Who?

Blink-182. Yes, I am aware that the obsession should have died down circa 2005 when they broke up (the first time), sadly a day after my birthday, but that is besides the point. The trio has forever been, as cliche as it can get, the soundtrack to my existence. So much so, there was a Facebook page created in my honor; check that off the list of things to accomplish before I die.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.56.25 PM – – feel free to like this page and revive the known obsession- – –

Now before you write me off as one of those people who calls Blink their favorite band and only knows “All The Small Things”, you are greatly mistaken. By no means do I find Blink-182 to be the most talented band that has ever graced my ears but, they are the only band that ignites something within me that has remained constant in this ever changing game we call life.

Music has a power that my original bae, Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 (shocker), claims, “can induce goose bumps, draw a tear, inspire, and connect [which both of us agree becomes our] favorite parts of being a human”. Within a second into one of their songs, I am immediately transported to a time where life was a lot simpler and my worries seem to fade away. My heart starts to race and everything changes after that. There’s an instant connection I find when I meet someone who enjoys Blink, where it feels like they know the inner-most parts of you. That is truly a beautiful thing.

Now I’m sure you’re probably wondering what my stance is on the band’s current situation; can a true fan still love Blink with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba singing rather than the legendary whining accent of Tom DeLonge? Like any living thing, bands grow and develop in ways we never thought possible. I am more than ecstatic to hear the new album with Skiba but pray for the day when all can be put aside and my boys can be reunited.

So why write this random little thing on my favorite band? Well,if the eight year old version of myself didn’t stumble upon their Take Off Your Pants and Jacket album and hear the lyrics of “Give Me One Good Reason”, I would be an entirely different Snit. Never deny nor neglect where and what made you who you are— embracing your weirdness is what makes this world such an awesome place. Plus, Blink announced that ‘Dude Ranch’, ‘Enema Of The State’, ‘The Mark, Tom And Travis Show’ and self-titled 2003 album, will now be reissued on cassette and that in of itself is a reason to be alive.

Be sure to comment below with your favorite band or artist and keep a look out for more random thoughts that develop into blog posts. 


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