Artist to Watch: Oliver Shahery

Oliver Graphic
Click the Graphic to RSVP to Arrive’s Release Show

John Lennon sang about it and LA art house film maker Oliver Shahery is bringing on a revolution that, in my most humble opinion, can change the way people interact with movies and music.

We all have a way in which we interpret reality, and Oliver captures his through the lens of a camera. More so, it’s Oliver’s artistry, his attention to detail captured through innovative techniques, that transforms his work. Oliver has earned himself a spot on  interdisciplinary production company Polifónic’s roster of artists. Founded by friend and admired artist, Daniel Fernandez, the currently Boston based production company has showcased two of Oliver’s short films including one of my personal favorites, All For The Best.

Oliver has started a musical endeavor known as Dirty Harry on his SoundCloud platform. He provides his audience with raw, carefully constructed pieces that marry so well together, that upon hearing it the first time, you wonder where his music has been all your life. Fusing external dialogues from acclaimed movies such as Buffalo 66, The Graduate, Exit Through The Giftshop and Grand Budapest Hotel, Oliver uses the film’s narrative as lyrics to further develop the scene he is trying to set. But the beauty behind Oliver’s craft is what happens when you listen to his tracks the second and third time around; you start noticing the elements of the song and then honing in on the storyline behind it. The marriage of Oliver’s film and music forces one to remove themselves from what is happening while listening and watching his work, and makes them jump into the reality of it. Oliver emulates techniques of purposefulness through his craft— everything has to have a reason or it does not belong. Carefully sought out, his mixes have been recorded live allowing Oliver to express his emotions while they are happening in a more authentic manner.

Polifónicis hosting a release show of the company’s first compilation “Arrive”. The Compilation features Oliver as well as three other prominent emerging artists. Experience  Dirty Harry for yourself, be one with his vision, dare to feel something. You never know, you might just keep up with the ever thought provoking mind of Oliver Shahery.

Stay tuned as I will be posting a piece after the show, Saturday October 24th, along with more discoveries I have yet to unveil.


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